Nitto Kohki's Power Tools

Nitto Kohki is a world-renowned Japanese designer and manufacturer of high-tech components, tools and machines.

Our wide range of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic power tools are suitable for use in industrial environments such as grinders and needle scalers and couplings for use in industrial, medical, biotechnology, nuclear, semiconductor and computer fields.

Pneumatic Tools

Driven by compressed air, pneumatic tools are compact and lightweight. These tools possess high torque and easy control of speed and power. Nitto Kohki currently offers 35 major pneumatic tools.

Electric Tools

State-of-the-art tools pursuing ultimate functionality. Full line-up of "Task-force" models completely meeting on-site needs. We have developed lightweight, easy-to-use, powerful, efficient and high quality professional tools.

Hydraulic Tools

By exploiting the advantages of hydraulic power, Nitto Kohki has introduced a series of safe and compact hydraulic tools that can be used for a variety of processes for steel.

The range of power tools includes:

  • JET CHISEL - Needle scaler
  • AUTO CHISEL - Air hammer
  • SUPER KELEN - Pneumatic scaler
  • AIR CHIPPER - Pneumatic chipping hammer
  • MYTON - Pneumatic grinder
  • AIR SONIC - Pneumatic die grinder
  • AIR DRILL - Pneumatic hand drill
  • BELTON - Pneumatic belt sander
  • ORBITAL SANDER - Pneumatic dust-free sander
  • PALM ORBITAL SANDER - Pneumatic compact sander
  • FREE SANDER - Handy pneumatic sander
  • LINE SANDER - Pneumatic reciprocating sander
  • SUPER HAND - Portable precision finishing file
  • MICRO AIR HAND - Portable fine finishing file
  • SUPER SAW - Pneumatic hacksaw
  • BEVELLER - Portable chamfering tools
  • CIRCUIT BEVELLER - Pneumatic radial chamfering tool

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