Delta Regis Tools, Inc.

Precision - Performance - Productivity

Delta Regis has been providing production assembly facilities with Electric Screwdrivers for more than fifteen years. Our precise torque shut-off clutch electric screwdrivers, along with our economical ratchet clutch drivers, are capable of meeting the needs of various product manufacturing sectors. In recent years, the Delta Regis Screwdriver product line (and available torque range) has grown dramatically through the coupling of brushless electric motors with proven mechanical clutch technology.

Delta Regis Tools produce the following range of products:

Electric Screwdrivers/Power Drivers

  • 18V Cordless Brushless Series
  • 12V Premium Brushless Series
  • 32V Premium Brushless Series
  • 40V Premium Brushless Series
  • 32V Standard Brush Series
  • 120V Direct Plug-In, Shut-off Clutch
  • 220V Direct Plug-In, Shut-off Clutch
  • 120V Direct Plug-In, Slip Clutch

Power Tool Supports and Torque Reaction Arms

  • Tool Stand
  • Tool Balancer
  • Tool Support System
  • Telescopic Reaction Arm
  • Precision Torque Arm
  • Economy Torque Arm

Screwdriver Accessories

  • Power Supplies / Controllers
  • Tool Cables
  • Torque Lock Sleeves
  • Pistol Grip Attachment
  • Angle Head Attachment
  • Tool Holsters
  • Screwdriver Bits
  • Screw Feeders
  • Manual Torque Tools

Torque Measurement

  • DRBT Series Torque Testers
  • Manual Torque Tools

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