Bibielle is a private company that focuses on quality and product innovation and aims to be a valued partner for all its customers thanks to the solidity of the organization, to the continuity of the administration, to the direct relationship with customers, the rapidity of decisions and ability to retain customers.

Bibielle Product Range

Finishing, masking and satin finishing products

Bibielle's surface conditioning products suitable for finishing, masking and satin finishing small or large surfaces, light deburring as well as removing scale on various work surfaces in stainless steel, titanium, fibreglass, aluminium, nonferrous materials and alloys.


  • Unitized wheels
  • Surface Conditioning products
  • Non-Woven products
  • Strip-it Red products
  • Strip-it Plus products
  • System for satin finish machines

Surface preparation and blending products

Bibielle is leader manufacturer of surface conditioning abrasive material used in blending and surface finishing on various work surfaces in stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, non-ferrous materials and alloys.


  • Shaft-mounted flap wheels
  • Flap wheels on flanges
  • Reinforced spiral bands
  • Quick-change discs
  • Cloth sheets and economy rolls
  • Abrasive belts
  • Paper products

Cutting, grinding and deburring products

Bibielle is leader manufacturer of cutting discs and grinding discs suitable for applications on a wide range such as deburring, removing welding seams, rust, paint and oxidation of any kind.


  • Flap discs
  • Cut-off and Grinding discs
  • Fibre discs
  • Mounted points

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