ATL North East Ltd is a company that can offer all types of lifting equipment with customer support and technical advice.


ATL North East Ltd can supply, hire, repair and test the following lifting equipment:

  • Lifting beams
  • Eyebolts - standard and swivel type
  • Chain slings made to customer requirements
  • Lever hoists (pull lifts)
  • Chain hoists
  • Hydraulic cylinders, pumps and hoses
  • Lifting clamps
  • Electric hoists
  • Polyester slings
  • Shackles and eyebolts

Lifting Chainslings

1 Leg Chainsling: 1.5 tonne, 1 meter with latch hook

2 Leg Chainsling: 2.12 tonne, 2 meter adjustable with latch hooks

4 Leg Chainsling: 3.15 tonne, 2 meter adjustable with latch hooks

1 tonne chain block

Bow Shackles and D-Shackles

Bow shackles, d-shackles with safety bolts or screw collar pins for all your lifting and hoisting jobs. Suitable for different working loads from 500kg to 5.500kg.

Bow shackle with screw collar pin

Bow shackle with safety bolt

D-Shackle with screw collar pin

D-Shackle with safety bolt

Polyester Slings

Full range of round and webbing slings available in a selection of capacities and lengths.


1 tonne webbing sling

3 tonne webbing sling

Chain and Lever Hoists

3000kg hoist

5000kg hoist

1-5 tonne lever hoist

6 tonne lever hoist

9 tonne lever hoist